The ultimate guide to finding an association management company

The team at The Association Management Company are excited to announce the publication of Your ultimate guide to identifying and appointing an association management company that is right for you.

It is estimated there are approximately 600 association management companies (sometimes called Secretariats) worldwide. It is a model which is very popular in the United States but less common in the UK. We believe there are less that twenty dedicated association management companies (AMC) in the UK.

We define an AMC as a professional service company which specialises in providing a range of management services for trade associations, federations, and similar organisations. An association management company will provide the infrastructure, facilities, and resources to allow it to operate efficiently and effectively in meeting the needs of the association.

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Our ultimate guide details the benefits of using an AMC, what are the possible drawbacks of using an AMC and how to mitigate them, what to look for in an AMC, how fees are calculated, top tips on how to develop an effective request for proposal (RFP) and much more.

If you are considering using an AMC for the first time, or are considering changing your existing provider, this is definitely the guide for you. We believe it is the most comprehensive guide available in the UK and we are sure it will help you through the process while saving you a great deal of time.

To get a copy of this unique guide, please email or call 01379 788032.

If you think we might fit what you are looking for in an association management company then we would be delighted to be included in your review of providers. However, if we are not, we are still sure our ultimate guide will be a great help to you.