Membership Development Manager joins the Association Management Company

The Association Management Company kick-start the new year by recruiting a Membership Development Manager.

One of the benefits of using an external association management company is the ability to easily expand the resource when needed. One of our clients has no employees but wanted to have someone dedicated to membership development by visiting prospective members.

So, we worked with our client to draw up the job specification and budget for this field-based role. Once approved we set about recruiting a new member of our team to work exclusively for this client. From payroll to company vehicle, incentive package and all other employment conditions we handled everything.

We’re obviously responsible for managing and developing this new member of the team and we regularly report to our client on the success of this new role.

To find out more about our new Membership Development Manager, Lee Farthing, and the rest of the team at the Association Management Company, click here.

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