Why every association should have a SODA

SODA is an acronym for Schedule of Delegated Authority.

Within a typical corporate organisation, it is probably clear which roles have responsibility for what. However, with trade associations where there are likely to be volunteers, committee members, chairs, officers, directors, possibly staff and perhaps an external association management company, it’s vital to know who is responsible for what and this is best formalised in a SODA.

A SODA clearly defines the decision making responsibilities and authority levels for a role or group such as a committee or board.

Typical areas that are covered in a SODA are:

  • Policy – e.g. overall strategy, business planning, risk management, performance monitoring
  • Governance – e.g. mem & arts, codes of practice, byelaws, appointments to boards, committee terms of reference
  • Finance – e.g. sign off levels, appointment of Auditors, annual reporting, contracts, capital expenditure, investments, reserves
  • Human resources – e.g. appointments, increases or decreases in establishment, contracts of employment, disciplinary hearings, grievance hearings

If you would like to download a template along with some guidance on how to complete a SODA for your organisation, just click here.

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