We thank all our volunteers

Volunteers’ Week is an annual event run by The National Council for Voluntary Organisations to recognise, celebrate and thank all volunteers.

Here at The Association Management Company we are reliant on volunteers working for each of our clients. Without their expert knowledge, guidance and support our job would be much more difficult.

Volunteers take part on boards, national councils, working groups, project groups and help with event planning and management.

The whole team at The Association Management Company are also volunteers for professional membership bodies, sports clubs, or school organisations so we know what it’s like to commit spare time to an important cause.

At the The Association Management Company, we:

  • Always recognise a volunteer’s time is not a certainty
  • Understand volunteer input is often not a priority for the volunteer
  • Try and reduce the burden of being a volunteer
  • Acknowledge and are grateful for any volunteer support

While we like to understand the sectors our clients support, we will never know as much as the people who work in it every day and this is where volunteer expertise is invaluable.

We offer our sincere thanks to all of the volunteers who help us do our job efficiently and effectively for the associations and charities we work for.

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