New guide on procurement and selection available now

An informative guide designed to simplify the procurement and selection process for membership organisations has been launched.

This free resource, produced by MemberWise, includes a step-by-step guide on buying a business- critical system for a membership organisation or trade association. It’s also packed with top tips and industry perspectives from Silverbear, Trillium, ASI and Pixl8 Group.

A business-critical system enables key internal or external functions to be delivered or managed. For example, a customer relationship management (CRM) system, website, online community or learning management system (LMS).

The AMC was recently involved with the procurement of a new website with an integrated CRM system for one of our clients. This process took nine 9 months from proposal to completion and we managed the whole process. Unfortunately, this guide was not available when the project started!

The 32-page guide takes you through a five-stage procurement process which includes:

  1. Set-up and discovery
  2. Approaching suppliers
  3. Shortlisting and scoring
  4. Interviews and demonstrations
  5. Selecting and confirming

Please click here to download the MemberWise guide to procurement and selection.

We are proud to be affiliated with MemberWise and we have been a recognised supplier since 2019. The MemberWise supplier directory comprises over 150 diverse suppliers with the relevant experience, knowledge and expertise to help associations and membership organisations grow and prosper.

From customer database suppliers to association management companies, the directory is the perfect place to find your provider.

Our listing falls within the ‘Association Management’ category where you will also find other UK-based association management companies too. To find out more, click here.

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