New colleagues, new clients, strengthened values

2022 saw new colleagues join our team and more clients choosing to work with us, so what better time revisit our core values? Click here to see our previous set of values.

It was important that every team member was involved in the process, so we all individually chose five values which resonated with us from a list of almost 400, before reviewing our findings collectively.

Not surprisingly there were many similarities in what we all picked given the ethos of the business and how we work with clients and each other.

Please see our new values below:


We consistently deliver.   


We love getting every detail right.


We are always thinking ahead.


We continually adapt to our clients’ needs.


We are pleasant and easy to deal with.


We perform or you don’t pay.

Our values determine the way we serve our clients every day.

If you want to work with a values-driven association management company, email or just give us a call on 01379 788032.

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