Three new clients choose The Association Management Company

As we move into our 14th year of helping associations grow bigger, better and brighter we are welcoming three new clients which all selected us following competitive bidding processes.

We’re looking forward to the opportunity to work in some sectors which are new to us, but which also hold similarities to our current service provision.

New client 1

A long-established UK trade association with corporate members in the construction sector. We will be providing a full secretariat/association management service covering all nine of our main services.

New client 2

A European federation with corporate and individual members. We are providing member services for this federation by being the first port of call for its members. This will include handling queries efficiently, onboarding new members and handling subscription renewals. All activities will be using the client’s CRM system which will be new to us.

New client 3

A UK federation for which we will provide membership management, events, meetings, and communications. This client also has a different CRM system which we will get up to speed with.

Most of our clients rely on us as a complete back office, using all our services on a retained basis. As detailed above, two of our new additions need specific expert help with some services. One of those is using us as a retained service and one to help with their workload over the next six to nine months.

The flexible approach we offer allows clients to choose what services they need, for how long and to scale up (or down) based on their needs and finances.

See more about our flexible approach here.

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