Six seminars, six regions and six selfies

February has been a busy but rewarding month for The AMC with the delivery of six membership seminars across the UK for one client.

With a growing membership base, our client felt that it was important to take the association out to its members, to not only update them on the work and developments behind the scenes, but also to remind members of the value of their membership. The seminars also gave members the opportunities to share their feedback.

Preparation for the seminars began last year. Six locations were agreed and venues were sourced before work began on the programme, presentations and, of course, promotion.

The AMC’s Andrew and Lee were responsible for delivering the seminars and their trip began in Bristol on January 25. Several hundred motorway miles, four flights and a few taxi rides later they arrived in Falkirk for the final seminar on February 8.

Feedback from delegates has been extremely positive with over 95% of delegates saying that they would definitely come again.

“Very good meeting last week and thanks for reminding me of the importance of my membership.”

“Great seminar, really helpful. Big thanks to Andrew and Lee!”

“Amazing meeting, packed with stats and information.”

Despite the success of the seminars, and as with all of our meetings and events (in fact, any project we take on), we’ve prepared an improvement list as there are always things that can be tweaked and improved. We’ll be implementing these when we plan the next set of regional seminars.

The busy start to the year continues for The AMC with an exhibition in Stuttgart, a conference in Birmingham, an awards evening in Edinburgh, and a factory tour in northern Italy in the next few weeks.

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